No night out clubbing is complete without those hypnotic images projected on giant screens. And more and more, you see spectacular video backdrops and 3D creations used during concerts, awards presentations, and television shows. This video art is created by Video Jockeys, but how do VJs put a show together? And how can you learn to be a successful VJ?

VJ Academy workshop
Reaching the finals of the VjAcademy Night isn’t easy. During an intensive one-day workshop, prospective VJs get introduced to the tools of the trade and the basics of creating video images. Ten promising participants are then selected to perform at the VjAcademy Night.

Talent search
Every year, the VjAcademy organizes a talent show where enthusiastic VJs get the chance to show off their skills in front of a live audience. The top five performers are granted admission to the VjAcademy’s year-long program for training and developing new skills.

But that’s just the beginning! Winners go through an intensive training program from top Dutch VJs. The student VJs also assist with shows and performances, developing their own act in the process. They’ll go anywhere from the Sensation Dance Events, Vrienden van Amstel concerts, the Radio 538 Awards, and national television program DWDD. As a final project, students are required to organize and pull off one final all-encompassing performance.